Landcare 2021

Landcare Management will not be adding mulch this year.  
*We will be receiving the appreciate refund.
Trimming of the Washingtonia Palm trees has been removed from landscape maintenance. Homeowners will be responsible for their palm trees. If a homeowner decides to remove their palms, please submit your RiverGate HOA form to ARC.





Mowing 42 Weekly April thru Oct. (28), Biweekly or as needed Nov. thru Mar. (14)
Shrub Trimming 8 Monthly June thru Sep. (4), Bi Monthly Oct. thru May (4)
Palm Trimming 2 January and August
Crepe Myrtle Trimming 1 January or February, as plant cycle allows
Turf Fertilization 4 to 6 times
& Pest Control As needed
Shrub Fertilization 2
& Pest Control As Needed
Annuals 3 October/November, March, June/July
Irrigation 12 1st to 2nd week of each month
Mulch Not for 2021